Growth brings many new decisions and determining your ideal capital structure is an important one. As a part of our services, we analyze your situation, propose solutions and communicate a plan to convince banks, finance companies, leasing companies, subordinated lenders or equity investors to become your financial partner or expand the relationship.

Distressed Financing

A strained relationship with your capital providers drains focus from daily operations and stalls forward momentum in an organization. With Tarsus involved, our subject matter experts quickly become a third party in conversations between your company, lenders or investors. While negotiations are proceeding, we investigate alternative capital sources bringing about the best scenario for your situation. Working together with you and your team, we develop realistic performance plans and consider new deal terms. We know where to go for new capital, how to assemble capital from multiple sources and how to best coordinate negotiations among all parties.

Financing Needs

A critical component for solid business growth and stability is optimal financing structure and terms. We utilize our deep relationships in the market to search for the best partner be it a senior or subordinated lender, or a private or institutional investor. Our team of well-regarded professionals understands how to best communicate and manage the process within the financial arena bringing you tangible, long-term results.

Proposal Evaluation

Ensuring that the capital relationships you enter into now are best and have future flexibility is critical. We scrutinize alternatives available to you by leveraging our broad knowledge base and relationships in the capital markets.