Through proprietary methodology, models and business analytics, Tarsus turns data into actionable information.

Dashboard Reporting and Metrics

Performance measurements differ from business to business. Our experience can help you determine your company’s key performance indicators and develop dashboard tools that deliver simple, actionable reports for your team.

Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning

Tarsus provides expert resources and proprietary analytics to focus attention on what your future looks like under multiple scenarios. We construct models that are built to last and help you know if your decisions actually performed the way you expected.

Business Analytics

Many companies have a lot of data, but not good intelligence that guides overall strategy. Tarsus professionals render valuable insight quickly by taking the data you already have, mining it, and presenting it in a manner that helps senior leadership make better decisions.

Financial Reporting and Metrics

Tarsus adds value to your business by dramatically improving your financial and performance reporting and related analysis capabilities, including trend analysis, financial covenant measurements, management flash reporting and balanced scorecards.