Kansas City CFO for Hire business financial expertise


When small and mid-sized companies grow, many experience what we call corporate puberty.

Business leaders often find themselves at a critical transition point and ill equipped to handle it. Tarsus brings expertise and resources to such companies via flexible, customized solutions tailored to fit our clients’ needs.

Part time CFOs for hire, Interim CFOs for hire or business financial experts are available with Tarsus, a KC consulting company.

Tarsus goes beyond the typical functional financial role.  We bring C-level leadership and expertise to your team.  A Tarsus professional can work with you on a permanent, temporary or project basis.  Additionally, we place interim CFO’s and Controllers on a flexible basis in order to fill a temporary gap in your team due to an employee’s medical leave, extended absence or sudden departure.

CFO services in Kansas City with business financial expertise and CFO jobs in Kansas city through Tarsus.

Maximizing shareholder value requires that your business operations are running efficiently and with great strategic vision.  We provide the capabilities you need to analyze and implement sustainable process and operational improvements.  Tarsus CFO professionals help eliminate bottlenecks, reduce cost, find improvement opportunities, and increase the value of your company.

Tarsus brings deep and applicable financing experience, along with our evergrowing relationships with a broad array of capital providers, to our clients. Attracting and securing the right capital to support your business is vital, yet episodic. We deliver the expertise and assistance when needed to ensure your business is well positioned for your plans.