Are you a Tarsus customer?

Are you a Tarsus customer?

Wondering who engages Tarsus and why? A typical Tarsus relationship begins with a concerned executive seeking a better understanding of and focus for his/her team on the financial, operational, and strategic activities of the business. Our clients report that the Tarsus team delivers in-depth, understandable analysis and options to help increase their company’s profits, cash flow and equity value.

Our typical client has the following attributes:

  • Annual revenues of $5 million to $100 million.
  • At a critical point of growth or transition needing additional resources, capabilities and analysis to guide it to the next level and beyond.
  • It’s business leader has many years of experience at the company or in the industry.

Our typical engagement has the following attributes:

  • Begins with Tarsus delivering added horsepower in the form of a professional, backed by the resources of our firm.
  • Scope of work is based upon the client’s needs and the early steps of our process.
  • Contracts have ranged from 90 days to evergreen relationships.
  • Many industries have been served.

Keep in mind, Tarsus has worked with start-ups to mature companies in a wide variety of industries and operational situations. Although our average client, so to speak, is described above, we do not treat any client like they are “average.”